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Art in Embassies
an example of art work (Photo: State Dept.)

an example of art work

The Art in Embassies Program (AIEP) is a unique blend of art and diplomacy, politics and culture. Regardless of medium, style, or subject matter, art transcends barriers of language. It provides the means by which AIEP achieves its mission to promote national pride and the distinct cultural identity of American art and its artists.

Modestly conceived in 1964, the Art in Embassies Program has evolved into a sophisticated program that manages and exhibits more than 3,000 original works of art created by U.S. citizens. Displayed in the public rooms of some 160 U.S. Embassy residences and diplomatic missions worldwide, it is obtained through loan from sources that include museums, galleries, institutions, corporations, artists, and private collectors. These partnerships continue to be AIEP's greatest strength and make it possible to provide excellent and distinctive examples of art in a variety of media.

The Art in Embassies Program exhibitions are tangible examples of the diversity and individuality of expression which American artists have the freedom to present through their art. They are a source of great pride to U.S. Ambassadors, assisting them in multi-functional outreach to host-country educational, cultural, business, and diplomatic communities.

Detailed information about the Program may be obtained by accessing the AIEP web site at It functions as an interactive global museum by featuring online exhibition catalogs and hyperlinks to participating U.S. ambassadors, artists, museums, and galleries

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